Prevention and Treatment of Obesity in Children and Adolescents

Obesity epidemic  is one of the most serious challanges for health of the population world wide.  

Excessive fattening and obesity are present in 20-30% of children and adolescents in the European region countries, and dramatic trend of the annual growth of their frequency as well as association with other disease gives to the obesity epidemic in this population group an exceptional significance not only for health but also economic and demographic importance.

The Pediatricians Association of  Serbia and the Special Hospital „Čigota“ Zlatibor, having in mind the importance of the obesity problem and the fact that the frequency, according to the UNICEF data already amounts in Serbia 15% of children up to five years of age have suggested in October 2007.  to the Ministry of Health and Republic Institute for Health Insurance realization of the Project „Prevention and Treatment of Obesity in Children and Adolescents in Serbia“. Considering  that obesity prevention at this early age is, without doubt, a key part of the future National strategy, The Ministry of Health  has accepted the patronage over the Project right away and financially supported educative activities.  

Special Hospital „Čigota“ Zlatibor has a long year experience in treating obesity in adults, exceptional climate and geographical-transport comforts, as well as necessary conditions for providing  medical services. Expecting building a new space for a Centar for prevention and treating obesity in children and adolescents, it has made changes and amendments of its normative acts,  as well as spacial and personnel adjustments, with the aim of as fast as possible qualifying for a new field of activity – pediatrician rehabilitation. These activities mean, according to the adopted Medical Regulations  as elaborated by a multidisciplinary team of experts for education and rehabilitation in the nutrition field, applying physical rehabilitation measures and psychological processing and treatment of the obese children and adolescents.

In carrying out work obligations and tasks in the Center the followng people are engaged: a specialist pediatrician, physical medicine specialist, six nurses, a senior medical technician, three teachers of physical culture and workers of other profiles. Regular and  periodical  participation of the consultanas of pediatrics, psychology, physical education and other disciplines has been planned.

Chairman of the Pediatricians Association of Serbia  
Professor Miloš Banićević MD

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