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Diet is hypocaloric with preserved nutritional value.
Choice of food items is versatile, so children’s needs for material and protective substances is satisfied. Intake of fresh fruit, vegetable, whole grain cereals, diary products of partly skimmed milk is increased. Integral bread made from flour mixture  (rye, barley, buckwheat, wheat, corn), without additives, as well as unripened unsalted cheese are specially made in our kitchen.  
Meat (chicken, turkey, veal, fish) is cooked or roasted. Fats intake is limited, food is neither fried nor breaded. Total daily quantity of food is divided in 5-6 meals, with recommendation that meals are not skipped at all.
Through mini workshops for food preparation held by a nutricionist and lectures on healthy nutrition we learn Čigotica programme users, how to continue to eat in a healthy way.

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