About special hospital Čigota

The idea on building Hospital Institute at Zlatibor appeared by the end of the 19th century and it was realized in the second half of the twentieth century. The locality of Zlatibor was chosen on the basis of the elaborate craeted by a team of experts: doctors, climatologists, architects.

The results of treatment were uncomparably better than the ones of previous treatment exclusively with medicaments, so this Institute has become a unique center for treating thyroid gland disorders on the Balkans.

From its estblishment there was a tendency towards a scientific – experts’ rise, where the cooperation with The Institute for Endrocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Disorders of the University Clynical Center in Belgrade had a great contribution, thus enabling our Institute to become a base of the Medicial Faculty within which a scientific, educational and specialized activities have developed.

The Special Hospital is engaged in complete diagnostics and therapy of thyroid gland disorders, diagnostics and therapy of cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis  diagnostics, therapy of children and adolescent obesity, diagnostics and  therapy of skeletal joint system.


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