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Physical activity

Planned physical activities in the Čigotica programme are as follows:
1. Walks – fast walk outside in nature, on the TRIM track, or on the cardio-fitness trainers,
2. Shaping exercises and exercises for strengthening certain muscle groups, without accessories, or by means of isotonic fitness trainers, or with accessories such as therapeutic ball, elastic strips, on the TRIM polygon playgroundand the alike
3. Exercises in water 
4. Training swimming
5. Playground games, outdoor activities
6. Sports games

At the beginning of each activity exercises for warming up musculature and organism will be done, in order to prepare participants for the next activity. The aim of these activities is that, apart from developing aerobic abilities, we initiate muscle mass developing, in order to enable skeletal joint system to get an adequate support for the increased activities. In addition, muscle mass increase in body composition will have for its goal energy consumption increase at the basal metabolism level, since muscles are great energy consumers.

At the end of each exercising programme, musculature and joints which were active in the programme will be stretched, in order to decrease possibility of having pain and inflammations due to the increased scope of activities.

Depending on the season of the year, two different programmes of physical activities will be practised. In the winter programme  physical activities will be more oriented towards the indoors (gym), whereas the summer programme of physical activities will be organized to stay longer outdoors (at sports playgrounds). Depending on weather circumstances, physical activities will be different, so we will have two different programmes of physical activities:

1. Winter programme, consisting of the physical activities as follows:
- Šetnje,
- Vežbe u vodi,
- Shaping exercises and exercises for strengthening certain muscle groups without accessories, or with accessories such as therapeutic ball, elastic strips in the gym,
- Exercises by means of isotonic fitness trainers.

2. Summer programme, consisting of the following:
- Walks,
- Exercises in water,
- Playground games, outdoor activities
- Sports games and
- haping exercises and exercises for strengthening certain muscle groups, without accessories, on the TRIM polygon grounds

Walk  - Targeted walks are realized as a fast walk at the lengths  3-7 km lasting from  40-60 min. Strain is dosed from the first to the last day and increased at the account of:
- Track length increase,
- Walk speed increase,
- Change of terrain configuration and
- Combination of some of the stated possibilities.

Shaping exercises in floor - this activity will be organized in the gym with tatami experts and they will be composed of  about 30-specially selected and balansed exercises. The exercises will include the whole musculature lasting for 45 min. repeating 3-8 times each exercise and exercising tempo as dictated by the coach. Complex of exercises will be composed of warming up, streching exercises for strength and coordination.

Exrecises in the pool are a third aspect of activity and are composed of various movements:
- Cyclic (walk and swimming), different variants,
- Exercises for strength, arms and shoulder region, torso, pelvis region  and legs  and
- Exercises for streching arms, torso and legs.

Playground games, sports games and outdoor activities, the goal of which is to train children for sports such as basketball, volleyball, football... the aim is not only training  a certain sport, but socialization, belonging to group, developing spirit for competition and the alike.

By such selected physical activities it is achieved that the muscle mass is preserved, even enlarged. By enlarging muscle mass more calories are burnt during exercising, and  greater muscle mass enables higher consumption when body is at rest, which will increase basal metabolism as well.

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