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The first day of the programme a child (participant in the „Čigotica“ programme) and parents fill in initial questionnaires. The questions from the questionnaire are a base for the initial interview with parents.

First couple of days of the programme an individual conversation is held with each child. Then follows a testing of each child with couple of psychological measuring instruments.

Psychological workshops  (which treat obesity problem from different aspects) are held three times a week during the programme. Children come when needed for consulting and solving actual problems.

Psychological help and support are neessary, in order that children feel safe and protected, and spend time on the programme faster and nicer.

Psychologist is always there for these children – from the first to the last day of the programme. They go together through the period of introduction, adaptation, socialization and farewell in the end, which very often ends up with a tear in the corner of the eye.  


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