Čigota program EXTRA

This program is correction of bad habits and body weight with a complete diagnosis of the current health condition with the anti-stress and relaxation contents.

Adjusted diet is adapted to the participant of the program (5 meals).

The program consists of dosing and organized physical activities in nature (walk), swimming pool (aqua aerobics) and the fitness room (exercises), as well as the program of additional recreational activities (work in the gym, table tennis, swimming, zumba ...).

The users of the program have the psychological support.

The program includes lectures about health and the consequences of bad habits, the correction of nutrition and the importance of physical activities.

During the two-week stay, the user of the program uses high - specialized diagnostic procedures with examinations of specialists and sub-specialists in the field of physical therapy, nuclear medicine, internal medicine, endocrinology and cardiology, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

(Checking thyroid hormone status and additional checks of thyroid antibodies and tumor markers on the basis of indications: FT4, TSH, anti-TPO antibodies, calcitonin, checking functions of parathyroid glands: PTH, complete biochemical analysis of blood and urine tests, diagnosis and therapy of diabetes: determination glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) and daily glycemic profile, as well as the OGTT test based on indications, ECHO neck ECHO abdomen, ECHO breast, scintigraphic diagnostic procedures within the department of nuclear medicine, based on the indications, as well as the FNA biopsy of the thyroid gland, diagnostic procedures and examinations by a cardiologist: ECHO heart test load, - ERGO test, 24-hour Holter ECG on the basis of indications, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis - osteodensitometry with an examination by an internist and endocrinologist, physiatrist examination and implementation of physical therapy procedures).

There are two half-day trips with a tour of the cultural - historical and tourist attractions of the region of Western Serbia, Zlatibor (one trip per week).

A user can use “CIGOTA massage” - special massage with the use of preparations from “CIGOTA” cosmetics line (4 massages during the stay or 2 massages + 2 lymphatic drainage).

Every day is “Cigota water” (1,5l) - which is the recommended daily intake of an ideal mineral composition, medicinal properties, ideal for refreshments and a perfect day.

It is recommended to use the tea during all day.
It is possible an individual realization of some parts of The Proogram “CIGOTA” (walking, working out at the gym ...)
It's possible to engage a local guide, interpreter .....

It all starts with welcome drink (freshly pressed fruit or vegetables juices with combinations), fruit basket in the room, and it ends with a souvenir on departure. (T-shirts, tea .....)

Additional benefits
Transfer: Belgrade Airport - Zlatibor - Belgrade Airport

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